1. Advanced Visual Effects

2. Windows XP/2000 SP

3. Disabling of XP Indexing

4. Files and Folders Cleaning

5. XP System Services

6. XP Startup Tweaking

7. XP Registry Cleaning

8. XP Disk Defragmentation

9. Internet Network Tweaks

10. Tweak Guide Post Scriptum


1. Advanced Visual Effects

2. Microsoft Vista Service Packs

3. Disabling of Vista Indexing

4. Advanced Disks Performance

5. Enable Vista ReadyBoost

6. Files and Folders Cleaning

7. Vista System Services

8. Vista Startup Tweaking

9. Vista Registry Cleaning

10. Vista Disk Defragmentation

11. Internet Network Tweaks

12. Tweak Guide Post Scriptum


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7. MS Windows XP Registry Cleaning:

Many programs store information about themselves in the Windows XP/2000 registry; these programs add new file extension associations and install components of their own. Far too often, the unistallation methods used by these programs fail to remove their information from the registry adding unnecessary bloat. After several series of installation/uninstallation, the Windows XP registry becomes bigger and bigger; computer power declines and program access times increase. The Scan Registry tool of serves for periodic cleaning of the registry and for correcting incorrect registry records.

Run and select Scan Reg tool:

XP Registry Cleaning

Press Scan button and wait for the end of the scanning process:

XP Registry Cleaning

Press Remove All button to remove unused registry keys.

Note: Use Scan Reg for periodical cleaning of XP Registry to reduce the number of unnecessary keys to free up registry. All removed keys will be placed to Backups list of Scan Reg tool. You can always restore removed keys if you have need of doing this.

XP Registry Cleaning


Manual removing of the registry keys:

Some programs after the uninstalling process or after their removing from PC leave their own registry keys in registry. If you want to take your registry clean and fast you must remove these keys manually from the registry using Application and Uninstall tabs of For example: two programs ExtraMAME and FlatOut were removed from a PC but the keys about these programs is still storing its registry of XP. Remove it manually.

XP Registry Cleaning

Select necessary keys and press Remove button.

XP Registry Cleaning

Note: All the removed keys will be placed to Backups list of Scan Reg tool. You can always restore removed keys if you have need to do this.





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