1. Advanced Visual Effects

2. Microsoft Vista Service Packs

3. Disabling of Vista Indexing

4. Advanced Disks Performance

5. Enable Vista ReadyBoost

6. Files and Folders Cleaning

7. Vista System Services

8. Vista Startup Tweaking

9. Vista Registry Cleaning

10. Vista Disk Defragmentation

11. Internet Network Tweaks

12. Tweak Guide Post Scriptum


1. Advanced Visual Effects

2. Windows XP/2000 SP

3. Disabling of XP Indexing

4. Files and Folders Cleaning

5. XP System Services

6. XP Startup Tweaking

7. XP Registry Cleaning

8. XP Disk Defragmentation

9. Internet Network Tweaks

10. Tweak Guide Post Scriptum


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11. MS Windows 7/VISTA Internet and Network Tweaks:

Windows 7/Vista has optimized the network speed by default. However there are a lot of installed network items in 7/Vista Network Properties dialog:

Internet and Network Tweaks

You can add some Network speed to your connection by disabling some unusing network items. You can absolutely safe disable:

QoS Packet Scheduler - this item is in no use in most home environments.

Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) - protocol of the future. If your PC is not inside of Network of Future - disable it.

File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks - if you have not shared files or printers in network - disable it.

Link-Layer Topology - Allows 7/Vista computers to be seen from the other 7/Vista computers in the Network Map.


Recommended settings (if you have not shared files and folders and you are not inside of IP6 network):

Internet and Network Tweaks


Also you can add some network speed using tweaks.


Go to Net Tweak tool.

Press Use optimum settings for selected configuration.

Select suitable importance for your connection, for example: LAN, Cable Modem, xDSL, ISDN, T1, etc.

And press Apply button.

Internet and Network Tweaks

Note: You can restore your network setting using the option MS Windows default Internet and Network configuration.





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