1. Advanced Visual Effects

2. Microsoft Vista Service Packs

3. Disabling of Vista Indexing

4. Advanced Disks Performance

5. Enable Vista ReadyBoost

6. Files and Folders Cleaning

7. Vista System Services

8. Vista Startup Tweaking

9. Vista Registry Cleaning

10. Vista Disk Defragmentation

11. Internet Network Tweaks

12. Tweak Guide Post Scriptum


1. Advanced Visual Effects

2. Windows XP/2000 SP

3. Disabling of XP Indexing

4. Files and Folders Cleaning

5. XP System Services

6. XP Startup Tweaking

7. XP Registry Cleaning

8. XP Disk Defragmentation

9. Internet Network Tweaks

10. Tweak Guide Post Scriptum


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3. Disabling MS Windows 7/Vista Indexing:

The usefulness of Windows Search Indexing is disputable enough. You lose PC performance, a part of free RAM memory and speed access to Hard Drive(during the work of Search Indexer) for possibility to fast search of a file on your hard drive. It is possible to disable and turn off search indexing to speed up the system speed by freeing up CPU and memory which is used to perform the indexing task. Disabling does not mean you can't use Windows Search but it does mean searches will take more time.
To disable it:

Disable Windows Search Service:

Run and select System Services point of MS Tools menu:

Disable Indexing

Or press Windows + R buttons of your keyboard, type services.msc and press OK.

Disable Indexing

In the list of Services mouse double click on Windows Search entry. In the popped up Dialog press Stop button, select Startup type: Disabled to permanently disable the indexing service so that it won`t run again and press Apply button.

Disable Indexing


Disable Indexing on Drives:

Click on Computer. Right-click on any disk you do not want to be Indexed. In the General tab uncheck "Index this drive for faster searching" and click Apply.

Disable Indexing

In the resulting window choose Apply changes to drive X:\, subfolders and files, click OK and ignore everything for any error messages.

Disable Indexing

Do it for all hard disks.





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